Porcelain Panel - BIG+

Professionals in the tile industry were searching for a suitable name for the new type of thin, large-format porcelain tile (panel). Now widely known as “Thin Porcelain Tile/Panel”. This distinctive product has been steadily rising in popularity — mainly because of its unique format and mechanical properties.

The material, which has been referred to as “Thin Tile”, “Thin Tile Panels” and “Thin Porcelain Tile”  is characterized by its minimal thickness. The thickness of Large Porcelain Panels that introduced here is 5.5mm, 8mm and 12mm, with dimensions 3' x 6'.

Most large Thin Porcelain Panel products can only be used indoors so far, some products can be used both indoors and outdoors for both commercial and residential projects. Different tests has done on this products based on two standards of ISO 13006: 2012 (E) and GB 6566-2010 that is showed in the following table:

Technical Features Requirements Results
Length: ±0.06% -0.04% to +0.02%
±2.0mm -0.50mm to +0.25mm
Width: ±0.6% +0.02%
±2.0mm +0.14mm to +0.16mm
Thickness: ±5% -0.25% to 1.00%
±0.5mm -0.02mm to 0.08mm
Water absorption (%): Average: ≤0.5 Average: 0.06
Breaking strenght (Mpa): thickness ≥7.5mm: >1300 Average: 1572
thickness 700 Average: 809
Modulus of rupture (Mpa): Average: ≥35 Average: 44
Frost resistance: No crack, crazing or  peeling No crack, crazing or  peeling
Resistance of staining: Minimum class 3 Class 5
Resistance to chemicals:
1) Low concentration acids & alkalis: GLA, GLB, GLC GLA
2) High concentration acids & alkalis: GHA, GHB, GHC GHA
3) Household chemicals and swimming pool salts: Minimum GB GA