Porcelain Countertop - LAMINAM

A clear concept that has evolved with the addition to the production set-up of latest generation technologies able to meet the needs of the market, from the world of architecture to the furnishing sector. This has led to the creation of two souls, closely connected with one another, corresponding to the two product sizes: 1000x3000mm of “Porcelain Slabs” for application on floor, walls and outdoor facades and1620x3240x12mm of “Porcelain Counter top” for horizontal table, kitchen and bathroom tops and suitable for use in the building industry.
Thanks to their excellent technical performance, LAMINAM slabs are ideal for the most delicate of uses, requiring maximum hygiene and resistance. The aesthetic virtues of the large size offer a major artistic advantage, guaranteeing material continuity throughout the settings, in sophisticated, natural shades. In this category, Porcelain Counter top (63.7″x127.5″x0.47″) of pure compacted porcelain stoneware using the latest generation of LAMINAM press is presented.

See the following table for its physical and chemical properties and download the last product book of this type of porcelain slab, here.


Physical and Chemical properties Test Method Result for LAMINAM 12+
Density: ASTM C97 2500 kg/m3
Water absorption: EN 14617-1 Average: 0.1%
Bending strenght: EN 14617-2 Average: 50 Mpa
Freeze-thaw resistance: EN 14617-5 Resistant
Dry heat resistant: EN 12722 EN 438-2 5, no visible effect till 200oC
Chemical resistance: ISO 10545-13 from class A to C
 Chemical resistance: ASTM C650 Resistant, except ink and methylene blue
 Chemical resistance: EN 12720 from class 5 to 2
Cleaning product resistance: PTP 53 CATAS from class 5 to 3
Abrasion resistance: EN 14617-4 28.0mm
Hygienic properties Metodo CATAS Excellent: >99% of removal of bacterial cells
Resistance to fungi: ASTM G21 No fungal growth
Overal migration: ISO 10545-15 0 mg/dm3
VOC emission: UNI EN 1186 0 mg/dm^2 no significant migration
Shock resistance: UNI EN 16000-9 Class A+ French
Light Resistance: UNI EN 15187 5 no visible effect
Thermal shock resistance: ASTM C1378 Resistant