Porcelain Tile - VIVES

Vives Azulejos y Gres is one of the first ceramic companies in Spain to provide its products in BIM modeling and it remains at the technical cutting edge. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a centralized working methodology to manage and develop construction projects in a collaborative way that implies a new way of coordinating the different teams involved. This new way of working allows everyone to share all the information, characteristics and technical data of the
components in the project during its life cycle, all in real time, and also it allows the interaction between all agents that have an influence in the project.
With the implementation of this methodology, VIVES offers to professionals in architecture, engineering and construction its ceramic products for flooring and
walls, proving its commitment to new technologies and consolidating its image as a leading company in innovation within the ceramic sector. The thickness of VIVES tiles are as follows:

1- 20X20 CM. / 7.9X7.9 INCHES

2- 60X60 CM. / 23.6X23.6 INCHES

3- 59,3X59,3 CM. / 23.3X23.3 INCHES

4- 59,3X119,3 CM. / 23.3X47.0 INCHES

5- 80X80 CM. / 31.5X31.5 INCHES

6- 120X120 CM. / 47.2X47.2 INCHES

7- 80X180 CM. / 31.5X70.9 INCHES