Porcelain Slabs - XLight


Is the evolution of large-sized porcelain tiles developed by the Urbatek – Porcelanosa Grupo. Compact, unchanging and robust, noted for the outstanding physical and mechanical features which make it possible to use the large-sized XLight for various applications thanks to its range of thicknesses. Everything is possible with one single material.

There are three different thickness in XLight products:

3.5mm: An unalterable material, strong and extremely light due to the 100x300cm ceramic tile just 3.5mm thick, and fiberglass mesh on the back which improves the flexural strength of the tile.

Collections intended for façades, interior tiling work or mobile walls allows for all kinds of cuts or slices that can be adapted the project’s requirements.

6mm: Addresses the challenge of free-form design with a 120x250cm ceramic tile, and a 120x120cm tile for residential wall and floor tiling respectively, just 6 mm thick.

Collections for residential floors, interior tiling and façades as well as furniture coverings.

9mm: Exclusive commercial flooring in size 100x100cm and 9mm thick. Large areas with continuous traffic where quality and robustness, and the infinite advantages of porcelain are required.

XLight Premium includes two thickness of 6mm and 9mm and all different tiles in this category classified in 10 collections.


The technical benefits of this material make XLight an ally for achieving completely integrated designs. Thanks to the collaboration of various PORCELANOSA Group companies, the creation of invisible doors, wardrobes and façades of great aesthetic beauty has been made possible.


Thanks to its large format, Xlight is the perfect wall covering for more spacious interiors. It is easy to handle, transport and lay. It is the ideal choice for bathroom, kitchen and communal areas refurbishment projects. All the characteristics of porcelain tiles and a minimum thickness.


XLight can be used as ceramic coverings for prefabricated pods such as bathroom and kitchen pods or pod homes. XLight allows for customization and easy-to-cut shapes. Because the tiles can be installed on the assembly line, it saves on time and money.


Because it is so lightweight, XLight can be used to clad all kinds of mobile closure systems and furniture. Cladding a garage door or concealing air vents and equipment on façades is now possible with these 3.5 and 6mm-thick tiles. XLight is easy to clean and needs no special maintenance. 100% versatile and 100% safe. Thanks to their low water absorption rate, Urbatek through-body tiles are easier to clean.

Attention to small details, make the difference…


XLight is synonymous with outstanding technical and mechanical performance. They are porcelain tiles with a water absorption rate of <0.5% (Group BIa) in accordance with standard une 14411 and iso 13006. Xlight has been awarded all the necessary certificates for its use in outdoor areas and on façades.

Thanks to its low weight and large format, it offers substantial savings when it comes to handling and transportation.

Butech has created bonded and ventilated façade systems specially conceived for use with Xlight large-format tiles.


The surface finish of a porcelain tile gives the sensation of completion of the idea, hence its special relevance. Depending on the latter, we can opt for contrasts or material continuity allowed by Urbatek – Porcelanosa Grupo, adapting sizes and finishes to your needs.

Polished: An unparalleled and highly reflective shine, which also has saturation power.
Smooth matt surface bringing warmth in a simple and elegant way, with variations offered for each collection
Style, delicacy and sophistication with highlights inspired in the 3D papers.