High-quality tile and slab products are displayed at Project X Slab, along with a diverse amount of choices for color hues, sizes, textures, and accents. Use of color is crucial to maintain status in design trends, as quality should originate from legitimacy. Enjoy the unique and exciting collections presented to you for your home or commercial projects.


PROJECT X SLAB offers porcelain tiles that are durable on floors, countertops and walls. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are either enameled or created through a process that brings the tile materials to the surface of the tiles, making them just about totally impervious to staining.
Our installers are comprised of professionals. Their job is to choose and carry out the perfect method of installation in every project so as to make it of the highest quality and give it lasting durability. Each project, regardless of its extent, is valuable to us, and our installation teams work closely with clients in every part of the installation process towards ensuring the best installations and absolute satisfaction.


More than 5 years of experience in the tile and slab industry is included as an asset to our fabrication shop. Our profession is of various types of production, such as fabricating kitchen and vanity countertops, fireplace cladding, shower surrounds and outdoor barbecues. Materials like porcelain and engineered quartz are able to be efficiently manufactured in our fabrication shop.
Furthermore, importers and engineered stone wholesalers in Greater Vancouver cooperate with us in their businesses in order to present you with an abundance of options for engineered stone slabs.
There are a series of steps taken towards our slab fabrication. Firstly, there is a drawing or field measuring, material selection and a quote. When assented, the material that the customer has selected and the template for the slab will be ordered to the fabrication shop. We then produce tangible templates at the job site as a means of choosing the right fit for the completed material. Lastly, the material is cut and polished at the fabrication shop in order to meet the expectations of the job.